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Senior Care & Senior Living Technology that Actually Help

By January 30, 2023February 6th, 2023News

We’re all intimately aware of how much technology has changed our everyday world and continues to do so at an increasing pace. And while seniors can sometimes be slower to adopt new technologies, in many ways, they may have the most potential to be helped by technological innovations.

Some products have already started to make their mark, while others on the horizon could make a big difference in years to come. It’s hard to predict which technologies will be the most significant for seniors, but we have a few ideas about which senior living technology trends could play a role in how people age in the near future.

Here are some technologies for seniors that are already making a difference in people’s lives and what the future of each may hold.


Wearables already provide seniors with easy reminders, activity tracking, and some added safety. In fact, wearables made for seniors are already a notable portion of the market. Lively Wearable Plus and UnaliWear’s Kanega Watch are examples. And two of the most talked-about features of the newer Apple Watches are ECG and fall detection, both of which are aimed at older consumers.

Companies are clearly interested in pursuing the senior market with new products. Future wearables will become ever more sophisticated at tracking health concerns, with features that monitor the wearer’s blood pressure and vital signs or help seniors with vision loss navigate their way through the world.

Some “smart” wearables that are just around the corner were shown recently at CES 2020, the major consumer technology trade show. eSkin Sleep and Lounge’s “smart pajamas” are loose and comfortable, but capable of detecting falls, monitoring overall activity, and tracking sleep patterns. Among the many features of the Withings ScanWatch is 24/7 heart rate monitoring. If the watch detects an irregularity, it can tell the wearer to record an EKG. And the Welt Smart Belt Pro is a stylish belt intended to lower the risk of falling. Embedded sensors and algorithms will accurately calculate the fall risk from abnormal gait patterns. If the Smart Belt Pro detects a heightened fall risk, it sends a warning to the user’s phone.

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