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Testimonials tell you the true story. The experts on living at Westminster Village are the neighbors and friends who cal our community home. Find out why they chose Westminster Village and what they like best about living here.

Resident Testimonials

Our resident testimonials say it all.

Online Reviews

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Dan Webster

five stars

“Recently helped move a neighbor’s furniture into his new apartment at Westminster. Just wanted to say how friendly the staff were to accommodate us and ease the transition. Great to know he’s in good hands now.”

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March 07, 2017

five stars

“We’ve been to Westminster Village Terre Haute a couple of times. You have to buy into it before you can live there. It’s quite expensive, but it’s very nice. It’s good for what it’s supposed to be. They have had people that come in who move seniors and set up their apartments for them. They’ve had realtors to help list your property and evaluate it. There are programs in their public facilities. They have a small pharmacy, a beauty parlor, a barber shop, a movie room, worship services, transportation, a pool room, and a nice dining room. We have had a small meal there that was very good. Just in the past year or two, they have put in a garden home on their property, so it’s becoming more diversified.”

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May 07, 2016

five stars

“At Westminster, they charge you extra for taking you to the doctor and to the beauty. They have a bank there. It is a big place. It is like a hotel. They have two-bedroom apartments and one-bedroom apartments. They do have activities weekly. I had lunch there and it was very good. The staff was very nice and very efficient.”

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August 28, 2012

five stars

“This is a beautiful facility. The staff was very nice, and most helpful. The patients love it there. It was clean, no odors noticed at all. Patients also said the food was very good. The patients seemed to all be clean and well looked after.”

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December 08, 2011

five stars

“Westminster Village offers a relaxed and safe environment. Beautiful landscaping includes fountains visited by ducks and mature trees that offer shade from the sun. Conveniences within the building offer the residents a beauty salon, bank and a full-service dining area. Plenty of workers, staffed for emergencies keep the common areas clean including the elevator lobbies. The comfortably sized apartments include spacious bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and a small kitchen. Special amenities include emergency buttons or pull cords found in each room in case the resident falls. The village also, has a full-assisted living area for residents who may need full-time assistance.

The assisted living area provides a caring nursing staff that helps with bathing, meals and physical therapy. Residents may stay in the fully assisted facility for the remainder of their life or for a short-term stay after surgery or medical situation; once they recuperate, they can return to their apartment. The staff at both facilities make everyone, including visitors feel right at home. It is a beautiful, peaceful and well taken care of community.”