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See what’s happening at Westminster Village Retirement Community!

Explore our latest news to visualize life at this inspiring retirement community. Then, join us for an upcoming event to see just how well you’re sure to fit in.

It’s Time to Fall in Love with Westminster Village

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Don’t let this opportunity Fall through the cracks!

Autumn colors and pumpkin pie aren’t the only exciting things about this Fall. From September 1st through November 30th, Westminster Village has special discounts on our beautiful senior living apartments. During this time, we’re offering over 20.23% off your Life Plan Community Entrance Fee and 50% off the second person fee. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to save up to $54,114 on your ideal senior living apartment!

Cozy Apartments for Every Lifestyle

We have a variety of floorplans to choose from with a savings from $24,265 up to $54,114 depending on your apartment choice!

Call me today to learn more!

Mandi Dailey, Residency Counselor
(812) 242-4612

Westminster Village to Host September Concert Series on Thursday Nights!

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September Concert Series



Benefits of Touring a Senior Community

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Why Schedule a Tour?  Here are Four Reasons.

It’s very common to feel a little unsure about senior living. It can feel like a big commitment and a drastic change. Those concerns are exactly why it helps to go on your own fact-finding mission to discover what life is like there and how a community could even enhance your lifestyle. A tour is your opportunity to explore the possibilities that senior living can offer.

Just start with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

1.    See the community in person.
Pictures are great, but you notice so much more about a community when you’re there. You’ll be able to walk the halls, see the residents in their day-to-day activities, and see how team members and residents interact. You’ll also notice practical aspects of the community, like whether the group exercise space is far enough away from the quiet library, how far a hike it is to the dining room — the important details that affect residents’ days.

On a tour, you can also notice the cleanliness of the community — is it up to your standards? Take in the decor — has the community been updated or refreshed recently? Is there plenty of natural light in the residences and common spaces? Living in a clean, well-designed community will greatly enhance your quality of life, and a tour is your chance to see it for yourself.

2.    Get answers to your questions. 
The sales staff and team members want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision, so don’t hesitate. You might start with the big questions. What is the fee structure? If there is an entrance fee, is it refundable? What will happen if you or your partner needs higher levels of care in the future? Find out if your payments will increase and whether the community can provide care on-site.

Make a list of questions important to you so you can seize the opportunity to ask for details in person. And if you think of more questions after you’ve left, you can always follow up  with your tour guide.

seniors at dining table

3.    Try a bite.
Arrange for one of your visits to involve a meal. You’ll likely eat many of your meals at the community if you move in, so find out whether you like the food. This will also give you a chance to experience the level of service provided and see how the residents enjoy the dining experience. Inquire about whether any of the dining rooms have a dress code, and be sure to ask about the various dining venues available to choose from at the community.

4.    Find out how it all fits together. 
Ultimately, a visit will help you decide whether you feel at home in the community. Discover whether there are residents who share your interests and/or might introduce you to new ideas or hobbies. Would you feel comfortable in the shared spaces as well as the residences? Is the location of the campus convenient for your life outside the community? Several lifestyle pieces need to come together to create the right fit for you, so visit as many times as you need.

The Power of a Positive Attitude at Your Age

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Having a positive attitude toward aging is powerful, and is the first step for seniors to enjoy a happy life. There are so many reasons to be positive at an older age.

5 Ways to Have a Positive Aging Experience

Having a positive attitude toward aging is powerful, and is the first step for seniors to enjoy a happy life. There are so many reasons to be positive at an older age. As an older adult, you have:

  • Less of an obligation to work.
  • More time for fun activities.
  • Reduced stress without household responsibilities.

The idea of aging can be a source of anxiety for many people, especially those who aren’t sure what to expect or how to navigate the experience. Growing older is a fact of life, and it is not a journey that should be feared, but rather, one that should be embraced.

With support and resources, you have everything you need to look forward to a positive aging experience. Life Care Services has put together a list of five ways you can find that positive attitude and use it to plan.

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Debunking Myths about Senior Falls

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More than 25% of seniors experience a fall each year in America. Emergency departments see 3 million seniors for fall-related injuries. While falls are so common they’ve become the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in adults over age 65, that doesn’t mean they are an inevitable fact of aging. In truth, the belief that falls are simply a natural part of getting older actually puts seniors at a greater risk for falls.

Balance and agility naturally wane in an older adult’s later years. If nothing is done, this decline puts seniors at a greater risk of experiencing an injury-inducing fall, but it doesn’t follow that there’s nothing you can do to prevent a fall from happening. Some basic steps toward fall prevention can make a senior much safer.

Read 5 myths about senior falls and how you can help keep yourself safer.