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Why Retirement Living Is A Great Choice Right Now

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Are you considering retirement living? Maybe you see it as something in your future but not now. In 2024, we will be witnessing a projected record-breaking year for retirement, so it is wise to have a plan. Allow us to show you why now is the time to start enjoying retirement living at Westminster Village. A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Westminster Village provides accommodations for independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing. With our CCRC, you can have a plan for the future and the opportunity to be part of a community with a wealth of amenities and vibrant social life.

Don’t Put it Off

Retirement living can be met with mixed feelings—some view it as a necessary transition, while others see it as an exciting opportunity for new experiences and adventures. However, the benefits of retirement living extend far beyond simply downsizing or relocating. In fact, retirement living offers a wealth of advantages that cater to various aspects of life. From fostering vibrant friendships to providing convenient services and amenities, retirement living presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a fulfilling and stress-free lifestyle post-retirement. 

Luxury vs. Necessity

A misconception surrounding retirement living is that it is only for those who need assistance. In reality, retirement living at Westminster Village is a  luxury living experience available to the growing retiree population. Retirement living is far from a downgrade, but rather an opportunity to live your retirement years to the fullest. With a multitude of benefits and amenities available to those who retire at Westminster Village, we believe that retirement is best done in our community. That’s why we are proud to say that life is better in the Village. 

Enjoying a Maintenance-Free Life

One of the greatest benefits of entering retirement living is that you get to enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. When you enter our community, you gain access to convenient and comfortable perks – like housekeeping, an on-call maintenance team, and lawn care built into your monthly fee. Our variety of independent living apartments and villas are the perfect size for a retirement living experience to accommodate your needs and preferences. Our residents feel safe with 24-hour emergency assistance, day and night. We believe that when you don’t have to worry about the daily hassles of managing your property or home, you are able to fully enjoy your retirement experience doing the things you enjoy. You’ve spent most of your life working, now it is time to relax. 

Learn if now is the right time to downsize here.

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Extra Time for Socialization

Another great part of retirement living is the opportunity to connect with other retirees. At Westminster Village, our community promotes a great social life. Retirement doesn’t have to mean isolation, but rather it is a new season to interact with people just like you. We offer social spaces such as a coffee kiosk and library, a club room, a spacious gym with classes, and a beauty shop to promote socialization. 

We offer a private dining room for personal celebrations, and our spacious apartments and villas make for great spaces to host friends and family. Socialization is a key part of a successful retirement experience, which is why we are dedicated to equipping our residents with everything they need to stay social.

A group of friends enjoys a drink together.

Enjoy Convenience

Another perk of living at Westminster Village is the convenience. Conveniently located in our community, you’ll find a convenience store and on-site banking center with an ATM. We also have our Westminster Athletic Club, so you don’t have to worry about getting out to stay active. We also offer restaurant-style dining with a fresh, flexible menu in The Crossroads Dining Room to bring quality dining right to you. Don’t feel like going out? You can  have your meal delivered to you. In the event that you need to get out, we offer a scheduled shuttle to grocery stores and  personal transportation for shopping and appointments when needed. Whether you are staying in or going out, we have options for you.

Learn more about life at Westminster Village here.

Retirement living at Westminster Village offers a myriad of compelling reasons to make the transition now rather than later. As we approach a projected record-breaking year for retirement in 2024, it may be time to consider making a move. Retirement living isn’t just a necessity; it’s a luxury that allows you to fully embrace and enjoy your retirement years. With a focus on providing maintenance-free living, fostering vibrant social connections, and offering convenient amenities and services, Westminster Village ensures that your retirement experience is fulfilling and stress-free. From spacious apartments and villas to social spaces and on-site conveniences, our community is designed to enhance your quality of life and provide you with the freedom to truly savor your retirement. Don’t put off your retirement dreams any longer—discover why life is better in the Village at Westminster Village today. Contact us to learn more.

Independent living facility at Westminster Village in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Independent Living Options at Westminster Village

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Choosing where to retire is a significant decision you want to be as informed as possible about. The best way to start making your decision is to know your options. At Westminster Village, we offer a variety of living options for our independent living residents to choose from. This also includes a variety of amenities as well as optional services that residents can add on. We understand that you still want independence, so to make your decision easier, we have broken down the independent living options available at Westminster Village.

Independent Living Villas & Apartments 

There are multiple benefits to moving into an independent living setting. At Westminster Village, you leave behind the tasks and expenses of maintaining a home and property. Additionally, you gain the benefit of having many of your normal amenities right in your neighborhood, which removes the burden of working out transportation logistics. There is plenty to be said about the benefits of independent living, but it is important to determine what independent living style is right for you.

Learn if it is the right time for you to downsize here.

Villa Living at Westminster Village 

If you are looking for a homestyle space without maintenance, one of our beautiful villas may be your preferred choice for independent living. Our villas come in two styles and sizes, featuring preferred amenities such as fully equipped, modern eat-in kitchens and a two-car garage. Both our apartments and villas provide an equally important sense of independence.

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Apartment Options at Westminster Village

At Westminster Village, we offer a variety of floor plans for residents who choose to move into one of our independent living apartment homes. Our spacious apartments feature modern amenities such as a full kitchen, pantry, den, walk-in closets, and a balcony. All of our apartments are pre-wired with cable to provide high-speed access to all your favorite TV channels. With three different floor plans to choose from, you can find the size and layout that best suits you and your needs, ranging in size from efficient studios to spacious one-bedrooms to deluxe two-bedroom/two-bath models. 

Included in your monthly independent living fee, you’ll enjoy the chore-free convenience of biweekly housekeeping and linen service. As an added benefit, flexible dining privileges allow residents to use the plan whenever and however they wish.

Residents who choose apartment living won’t have to worry about transportation because our scheduled shuttles are available to take all independent residents into beautiful Terre Haute for essentials.

Is it the right time to downsize?
Learn about your options with this quick 4-5 minute survey.

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Life is Better In The Village

Westminster Village offers the convenience of a small town where everything you need is right here. With a variety of amenities, our independent living options allow residents to simply enjoy life in the village.

Amenities available for independent living at Westminster Village.

Westminster Village offers the best value in retirement living. Even as you live independently in a villa or senior apartment residence, you have access to a full range of services, all on-site. It’s the ultimate peace-of-mind for you and your family.

Residents of Westminster Village enjoy time together outdoors in Terre Haute, Indiana

Committed to providing value and excellent care, Westminster Village is the best choice for those considering retirement living. Contact us today to schedule a tour of your future home.

Residents of Westminster Village enjoy time together outdoors in Terre Haute, Indiana

What it’s like to Retire in Terre Haute

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Deciding where to spend retirement is an important decision. You want your environment to meet your needs and be a place you actually enjoy being in. With an increased demand for independence among retirees, it’s important to know what options are available. Let’s take some time to show you around Terre Haute, Indiana, and highlight what it’s like to retire here. Whether you’re a local or considering a move, Westminster Village in Terre Haute has plenty to offer you.

Making Independent Living In Terre Haute Less Expensive

An important factor to consider when looking at Terre Haute is Indiana’s overall affordability. Indiana’s cost of living is generally lower than the national average, which can be a major draw as you consider where to retire. Housing and healthcare costs, in particular, are less expensive than in many other states. Here at Westminster Village, we align with Terre Haute’s cost of living by providing less expensive senior living for our residents.

Lower Rates For Peace of Mind

A common concern is whether or not your town has senior living available, but even more so, can you afford the communities that are available? We wanted to address these concerns and ensure our community had a place to go when they wanted to retire, which is why we have chosen to lower our independent living rates. You asked, we delivered. When you consider Terre Haute, we want your needs to be met with less financial strain. If you’ve thought that Westminster Village is out of your budget, reach out to learn more about our lower rates.

A happy group of friends enjoy a game of cards at Westminster Village in Terre Haute, Indiana

Life at Westminster Village in Terre Haute

Although we have lowered independent living rates for our residents, we haven’t compromised on our quality of living. There are a variety of benefits to staying in one of our independent living apartments or villas. There is a place for you here at an affordable rate. Here is what life is like at Westminster Village.

See what life is like at Westminster Village here.

Who We Are

At Westminster Village, our mission is to provide residents, families, and team members with an enriching and vibrant lifestyle in a quality life-plan community environment. This is why we proudly say that life is better in the Village. Our mission is always viewed through the lens of our four core values:

  • Care
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Wellness 

This is all brought together to realize our vision of enriching the lives of residents through a wellness-focused lifestyle, excellent care, and a vibrant social community environment. Every aspect of who we are is centered around making life the best it can be for our residents, families, and team members.

A team member provides physical therapy for a resident at Westminster Village in Terre Haute, Indiana

A Variety of Services

A key part of accomplishing our mission is to provide all the services necessary for an enriched life. Westminster Village offers the best value in retirement living. Even as you live independently in a villa or senior apartment residence, you have access to a full range of on-site services. It’s the ultimate peace of mind for you and your family. As your needs change, you’ll have access to affordable options close to home. Additionally, your entrance fee ensures your housing and healthcare needs are taken care of regardless of your future financial situation. You’ll be prepared for life’s “what ifs” when you retire with Westminster Village.

Golfers walk along the course in Terre Haute, Indiana

Centrally Located

Terre Haute and its surrounding communities are affectionately referred to as the Wabash Valley. In the heart of the Midwest, with 35 acres in Terre Haute, you’ll find our location offers plenty of space for our villas clustered in cul-de-sacs and apartment homes overlooking mature trees, a pond with a fountain, and expansive green lawns. We are also conveniently located close to great shopping, dining, and entertainment, as well as just 10 minutes from Indiana State University. If you like to hit the links, we’re across the street from Rea Park Golf Course. Plus, you’ll find places of worship and excellent medical facilities nearby.  Need a ride? Westminster Village also provides transportation into our community to get the essentials. 

For our snow birds who are looking to get out of Terre Haute, we offer our special Snow Bird Program. We offer a 25% reduction in your monthly service fee to residents who are away for 30 days consecutive or more. Click here to learn more.

Life-Plan Care

When you move to Westminster Village, you are actively taking part in a long-term plan for yourself or your loved ones. As time progresses, your needs may evolve. What life-plan care accomplishes is that it creates a clear path for all residents to avoid unnecessary moves with zero breaks in care. You can enter into independent living, and as your needs change, move into a level of care that better suits you. This seamless transition ensures continuity of care and peace of mind for both residents and their families. With a comprehensive range of services and a dedicated team, we are committed to supporting you at every stage of your retirement journey. At Westminster Village, we prioritize your well-being and strive to provide a nurturing environment where you can thrive and enjoy each day to the fullest.

Ready to embrace an enriching retirement experience? Consider Westminster Village in Terre Haute, Indiana as your ideal destination. With our new, lowered rates it is time to take another look and explore your options. Join our vibrant community and embark on a fulfilling retirement journey. Contact us today to discover your perfect home at Westminster Village. Come home to Terre Haute.

Residents enjoy time together while dining

Benefits of Touring a Senior Community

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Why Schedule a Tour?  Here are Four Reasons.

It’s very common to feel a little unsure about senior living. It can feel like a big commitment and a drastic change. Those concerns are exactly why it helps to go on your own fact-finding mission to discover what life is like there and how a community could even enhance your lifestyle. A tour is your opportunity to explore the possibilities that senior living can offer.

Just start with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

1.    See the community in person.
Pictures are great, but you notice so much more about a community when you’re there. You’ll be able to walk the halls, see the residents in their day-to-day activities, and see how team members and residents interact. You’ll also notice practical aspects of the community, like whether the group exercise space is far enough away from the quiet library, how far a hike it is to the dining room — the important details that affect residents’ days.

On a tour, you can also notice the cleanliness of the community — is it up to your standards? Take in the decor — has the community been updated or refreshed recently? Is there plenty of natural light in the residences and common spaces? Living in a clean, well-designed community will greatly enhance your quality of life, and a tour is your chance to see it for yourself.

2.    Get answers to your questions. 
The sales staff and team members want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision, so don’t hesitate. You might start with the big questions. What is the fee structure? If there is an entrance fee, is it refundable? What will happen if you or your partner needs higher levels of care in the future? Find out if your payments will increase and whether the community can provide care on-site.

Make a list of questions important to you so you can seize the opportunity to ask for details in person. And if you think of more questions after you’ve left, you can always follow up  with your tour guide.

seniors at dining table

3.    Try a bite.
Arrange for one of your visits to involve a meal. You’ll likely eat many of your meals at the community if you move in, so find out whether you like the food. This will also give you a chance to experience the level of service provided and see how the residents enjoy the dining experience. Inquire about whether any of the dining rooms have a dress code, and be sure to ask about the various dining venues available to choose from at the community.

4.    Find out how it all fits together. 
Ultimately, a visit will help you decide whether you feel at home in the community. Discover whether there are residents who share your interests and/or might introduce you to new ideas or hobbies. Would you feel comfortable in the shared spaces as well as the residences? Is the location of the campus convenient for your life outside the community? Several lifestyle pieces need to come together to create the right fit for you, so visit as many times as you need.


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You may not feel ready yet for senior living — and we get that — but there are many benefits to choosing to move sooner rather than later. Here are a couple of examples of common objections we hear all the time and why they shouldn’t stop you from making a smart choice for your future.

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